I am a chinese native from taiwan.  I met my husband who is a German-native from Munich.  We met in San Francisco many years ago.  We have two wonderful children MM and AA.  We raised our children to speak Mandarine Chinese, German and English simply because both our families are still in Taiwan or Germany.  We want to make sure that our children can communicate with their grand parents and relatives (so we don’t get in trouble from our parents) and understand their culture heritage.

I am hoping this blog will allow us to connect with other parents that are also trying to raise their children to be bi-lingual.

In this blog, I will cover topics such as:

  • My personal experience raising Bi-lingual/multi-lingual Children
  • Funny stories about our multi-lingual family lives
  • Share some of my search result on language materials, or language schools
  • Recipes – food is such an important part of a culture
  • recruit fellow moms and dads to share their experience

2 responses to “About

  1. Hi,

    I knew of your blog through our local Bilingual group, we live in London and bring our children at the group’s regular meeting so they can practice their language with other children.
    I am Italian and my husband Turkish. Our son speaks Italian as well as he speak English and Turkish a little less but enough to communicate with his relatives when he goes to holyday in Turkey.
    I think for him it’s a natural thing to be able to speak different languages because he has done so since he started talking. I am also trying to teach him to read and write in Italian, which I hope may help him in future should he,for example, decide to study or to live in Italy.
    Reading your blog I found similarities with my experience and that of many other mums and dads who are part of our group.
    I will keep reading your blog.

  2. I think it is wonderful that you are sharing your experiences. I also think we are in similar situations – I also came from Taiwan, live in the Bay Area, have two kids and a Caucasian husband. Most importantly, I am also passionate about raising my children to be bilingual (I’m not as ambitious as you – two languages is enough for now). I started writing my experiences and tips as well under a nickname of Mandarin Tiger Mom, and hope we can keep learning from each other.

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