Chinese is useless!?

My kids both go to a afterschool care that offers one hour of chinese class.  Recently, MM is resisting going.  The main reason – Chinese class.  We made the decision to send them to public elementry school, and thus rely on the after school to provide some chinese language education. 

I asked MM why doesn’t he like his Chinese class.  He told me that what they learned in the class was useless.  “All the character I have to memorize are  useless,” MM said.    I have some issues with the material used in  the class.  The text book was essentially a list of chinese characters that they are cramming into the kids head.  These are the basic characters, and theoratically, if they recognize all the characters, they will be able to read.   But that is a big IF.

Ever since MM started second grad, his english reading has improved to a point to read on his own and for his enjoyment.   He can read books like Harry Potter.  However, since Chinese is not a phonatic language like English. the reading comprehanson comes much slower.  I remember as kids, we wasn’t able to read Chinese books that are equivent of Harry potter until we are much older, probably 5th grade, when we have build up more vocabulary. 

Right now, I might just resor to speak Mandarin with MM and not force him to learn to read and write.  As for AA, she is younger and shows more interest.  I might try other tactic.  Will report that in my next blog.


2 responses to “Chinese is useless!?

  1. This is an issue. MM has a good point if there is nothing to do outside of class that will use those characters. Teachers really matter too. THIS IS THE MOMENT MOM! This is where the interest wanes… WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO!? I’m afraid of this too! Tell us an update…

  2. You know my boys go through this from time to time. They have told others that They are not learning Chinese, just their parents! We just keep at it but have try to make it more fun. It seems those times are much less and as they are getting older they seem to be gaining in interest. We do not push any programs that they hate, hoping they will have a good feeling for it. Keep it up! You are doing great!

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