Cool! The other team can’t understand us

Our kids play at a local youth soccer league.  In our team, there are ten kids.  Interestingly, all of them are bilingual.  Most of them, including the coaches, speak Hebrew; two kids speaking Mandarin, and one kid speaks Greek. When we first joined the practice, my son MM noticed that they spoke a different language, and was listening intently.  And later asked my husband,” Are they speaking German?  but how come I don’t understand them?”  It was very interesting that he can compare the sounds of different language and determine if they have similar sounds.  He was right, Hebrew does sound more similar to German than to English.

The coach is clearly bilingual, he comfortably switches back and forth between Hebrew and English when he was giving instructions during the games and practice sessions.  One day after a good game, MM commented, “it was cool that the coach was shouting instructions in Hebrew and English, that way our opponents couldn’t understand what we are going to do next.  It is our teams secret language!”


One response to “Cool! The other team can’t understand us

  1. Hi Tsailing,

    Love reading this blog. It’s amazing how kids can identify the sounds of languages. As for B’s case, he wasn’t raised to speak Mandarin but now he is literally doing four languages. I’ve been reading Chinese stories to him every night and his school does Spanish. We keep having our German teacher coming every week.

    Just drop a note to say hi and keep it up! I enjoy reading your blog.

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